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  step 1   Print this page.    
  Step 2


Click on the button to the right for the latest Adobe Reader.   Reader
  Step 3


Click on Download Forms to the right.   DOWNLOAD FORMS
  Step 4


Complete the application forms online. The first
form will fill the remaining 2 forms.
  Step 5   Please print and sign 2 copies of your completed forms.    
  Step 6   Please take the signed MEDICAL INFORMATION RELEASE to your doctor or healthcare provider.    
  Step 7   Mail or FAX the completed and signed application forms. Please only send one copy of application forms.    
      You may Mail or FAX documents.    
      Mail to: FAX to:    
      The Lighthouse Community 1.800.251.6483    
      11108 Woodland Ave    
      Puyallup, WA 98373    
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